AC/PC alignment

class sbl.sabre.interfaces.AlignToACPC(command=None, **inputs)

Align a T1 image with isotropic voxels to the plane defined by the anterior and posterior commissures (AC/PC), using the command sbl-ACPC_detection.

Input attributes:

  • input_image – Input T1 image with 0.86 mm isotropic voxels as an existing file name
  • input_toTemplate – Transformation from input T1 image to AC/PC template as an existing file name
  • template – AC/PC template as an existing file name
  • output_transform – Output transformation as a file name (optional, if output_transform_suffix is not provided)
  • output_transform_suffix – Output suffix as a string (optional, if output_transform is not provided, default=_toACPC)

Output attributes:

Parameters:output_transform – Output transformation as an existing file name


>>> align = AlignToACPC()
>>> align.input_image = '{session}_T1_iso086.nii.gz'
>>> align.input_toTemplate = '{session}_T1_iso086_toACPCTemplate.mat'
>>> align.cmdline
'sbl-ACPC_detection -T1 {session}_T1_iso086.nii.gz -TP template_T1.nii.gz -Omat {session}_T1_iso086_toACPCTemplate.mat -out {session}_T1_iso086_toACPC'

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